An analysis of the topic of the english honors and the makeup of odysseus by homer

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An analysis of the topic of the english honors and the makeup of odysseus by homer

But the speaker balances this unflattering view of his home and subjects with contempt for himself. Line 6 contains a structure Ulysses making a direct statement about himself, followed by a semicolon that indicates that further explanation is to come that will be repeated two more times in this stanza, in lines 11 and The Hyades mentioned in line 10 are sisters, daughters of Atlas, who according to legend were turned into a constellation of stars by Zeus, king of the gods.

Even although he is as aware of the horror and danger as he is of the quiet times, he still wants, as stated in line 6, to travel again. Being a name grants Ulysses the glory of the legend that is associated with his name as described in linesbut it also reduces his existence to just one word.

Lines In these lines, Ulysses states the philosophic problem that is troubling him: Lines In this section of the poem, Ulysses convinces himself that the best thing to do would be to leave Ithaca and become a wanderer again.

To start with, in lines 22 and 23 he makes the quiet inactive life seem not only boring but useless. This is a good example of what many people like about poetry: With his exclamation in line 24, in which he makes a distinction between truly living and simply breathing, his thought takes on a sense of urgency.

Lines indicate that many lives would not be enough for this speaker, and that there is not much left of the one he has. Each hour saved from death, therefore, must not be a mere passage of time, but rather be made meaningful with new experience. By line 45, the physical location is so directly established that the speaker, who for most of the poem speaks to no one in particular or speaks to himself, directly addresses the mariners who have sailed with him before.

Similarly, line 53, in referring to the Greek gods who, according to legend, played an active part in the Trojan war, he inspires his men with pride in their past accomplishments.


In addition, this suggests that not only are these men much more than slaves, they are rivals to the gods. Lines The imagery of lines 54 and 55 is of sunset, a fitting time of departure for a ship full of old men who know that they will probably not survive the journey.

In linesthe sound the ocean makes is suggestive of the moans of sailors who have already died and sunk into the deep sea. In Greek mythologythis was the place where the blessed went after death. According to legend, Achilles went to Elysium after being killed in the battle of Troy.

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Ulysses uses the powerful wording in the final line to encourage his men, despite circumstances that will probably overwhelm them.

Ulysses is not displeased with his subjects, but with the entire situation: There is nothing unusual about a ruler who is not happy with the people he controls. In his description of Telemachus, he acknowledges what the traits of a good peacetime ruler would be: Explain how the main character feels about going home after the original action is finished.

Imagine that you are a citizen of Ithaca, and that the king, coming home after being gone for twenty years, has left again. What do you think of him?

An analysis of the topic of the english honors and the makeup of odysseus by homer

Would you be happier with Telemachus on the throne than with Ulysses? Write a letter to Ulysses, telling him how things are going at home since he left the second time. Are there still people in the world today who feel as Ulysses felt?

Where do you find them? What jobs do they have? Growth and Development The most obvious thing about Ulysses as he is presented in this poem is that he does not seem to believe that he can develop into a good king for Ithaca, but instead considers himself to be stuck forever with the personality he currently has.

He does not have the imagination to let him see himself as the type of ruler Telemachus is. Another possible interpretation is that he feels that he could be a great king, but does not feel motivated to work toward it.

Although he does present himself as a wanderer by nature, he also shows how his nature has been changed throughout his life, if only because each moment is making him think more and more about death.

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With these ideas he implies, but true to his character does not think much about, the fact that his ideas are developing with age into a need to keep active in order to escape death. Politics When we think of politics, we think of the struggle for public approval, because in a democracy the leaders are held accountable for their actions by the voting public.

In a monarchy like Ithaca, though, that accountability is removed, and the business of politics can practice a more useful goal: But he does not have the patience to transform his experiences into practice.

He only hungers for more experience. In Telemachus, Ulysses sees the qualities that are needed in order to change the people from the way they are into what they should be.I love teaching The Odyssey and now that I have this sweet ready to use Odyssey lesson plan unit, I really love teaching The Odyssey.

English I Honors - Holub's English Town See more. The Odyssey - Lesson Planning - Odysseus, Ulysses, Homer, Ancient Greece; Find this Pin and more on Myths gods and goddess by Tara Owen. Course Area: Not a general education course Designations: Formative Experiences, Upper Division Writing Competency Completion of an Honors in the Major Thesis will count for both Upper-Division Writing and Formative Experiences.

An analysis of the topic of the english honors and the makeup of odysseus by homer

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Odysseus character traits essay example Essay On Odysseus Character Traits Odysseus, the ruler of the island kingdom of Ithaca, was known by all for his cleverness and cunning, but what I noticed throughout my readings, of Odysseus.

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