An examination of the electoral college

More The surprise electoral college map results for last week still have many scratching their heads on both sides of the aisle.

An examination of the electoral college

It is difficult to conceive of an electoral map without Pennsylvania that delivers Trump the presidency. But the polling strongly suggests the GOP will again fall short: Clinton leads by 7.

Examination of the U.S. Electoral College: The Pros and the Cons Term Paper

Of the 30 polls conducted in Pennsylvania since June, Trump has led in just one of them — a survey conducted in early July. Virginia had voted Republican in nine straight presidential elections before Obama won it in and then again in Clinton leads by Clinton leads by 6.

Clinton has never advertised in Wisconsin either, though she has made appearances. The Democrat leads by 6.

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Ayotte is locked in a head-to-head race with Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan — and, unlike in the Electoral College, New Hampshire has as much value in the battle for the Senate as a more populous state like Florida.

With six states now out of reach, there are five traditional battlegrounds still firmly in play. He has a 4.

An examination of the electoral college

But both campaigns are actively contesting the state. Trump has a slimmer advantage in Ohio: He leads by 1. But Clinton has the edge in the other three states. The former secretary of state has a 3. With Clinton pulling away from Trump nationally in recent weeks, that has also brought a number of non-swing states into play.

Polls this week in Georgia and Arizona give Clinton slight leads, though neither state has voted Democratic since the s. Clinton and her allies sense opportunities there: But perhaps the most unlikely competitive state is Utah, which has only voted for a Democrat for president once since the s.

Rigorous polling is sparse, but there are indications that support is building for Evan McMullin, a former House GOP staffer and Brigham Young alumnus running as an independent. The race in Utah could come down to a three-way contest between Trump, Clinton and McMullin — and ceding the six electoral votes there could put the race even more out of reach for Trump.The following quiz and worksheet combination will test your knowledge of the Electoral College.

While taking the quiz, you will be tested on electoral votes and members of the college. Quiz. White college-educated voters swing to Democrats: Democrats would win the popular vote by more than 6 points and win the Electoral College by , including a flip of Arizona.

Get this from a library! Presidential electors and the electoral college: an examination of lobbying, wavering electors, and campaigns for faithless votes.


[Robert M Alexander]. View Notes - outline-electoral college from POSC at Towson University. Donhauser 1 Paul Donhauser Professor Worgs POSC 20 April Outline: An Examination of the Legitimacy of the Electoral. A group of lawsuits filed across the country are seeking to challenge the predominant method for allocation of Electoral College votes.

These lawsuits appear to have little merit. A group of. Electoral College shouldn’t be dumped as a useless relic of 18th century white, gentry privilege. Actually, there do not constitute an exhaustive examination of the Electoral Col-lege. Indeed, many germane subjects are not addressed.

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