Brochure on common accidents among preschoolers

As strange as it sounds, give it a go. Kids explore their everyday environments, so it's important to see things as they do to make sure your home is safe. Here are some simple ways to help prevent injuries in your home.

Brochure on common accidents among preschoolers

Construction sites are known to be a dangerous place to be — it is where we get the popular notion of putting on a hard hat. Most construction companies are careful to keep their workers safe, but the nature of assembling large buildings lends itself to danger. Tools, girders and large vehicles all present hazards on construction sites.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports deaths at building sites in Falls, not surprisingly, were the most common cause of death for construction workers during that year, according to OSHA.

A total of workers fell to their deaths inaccording to the agency.

Brochure on common accidents among preschoolers

This is 36 percent of all construction deaths during that period of time. About ten percent of fatalities at building locations were the results of workers being struck by objects.

OSHA reports 78 people being killed in that manner. The third most-common cause of death at construction sites was electrocution, which resulted in 66 deaths during the period studied. That number was nine percent of total fatalities at construction sites.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports the most common violation of federal regulations involves protection from falls. Communication systems to warn workers of hazards were the second most common violation found by the federal agency.

Inadequate safety on scaffolding complete the top-three most common violations, reports OSHA. In addition to these causes of construction site fatalities, there are several other hazards which frequently cause accidents. Falling debris and tools are not uncommon at building sites. From several stories up, even a hammer can cause significant damage to an unfortunate person standing under the plummeting tool.

Heavier and larger items can do even more damage, and cause fatalities on the work site. Fire and explosions are often caused by unfinished plumbing and electrical work.

Construction workers work long, hard hours and many are tired while they are on the job, which can lead to accidents. The combination of long hours and heavy machinery can often prove deadly. Car accidents are also a common cause of accidents on construction sites, which may not be surprising.

But one leading cause of injuries to construction workers may not be that obvious, unless you work in the industry. Trenches, dug to run pipes and wires, will sometimes collapse, bringing machinery and vehicles down on top of trapped workers.

Construction is safer than ever, but it is still a hazardous industry.Head injuries are a common result of this type of accident.

Employee's diligence and employer focus on keeping the work environment free from hazards are key to preventing these types of injuries. Of course, proper personal protection gear usage, such as a hard hat, .

Basketball is a popular sport, especially among children and young adults. But the sport carries a risk for injury, whether played in an organized league or with friends on a local park court: More than , basketball-related injuries occur to young people under age 15 each year requiring treatment in hospital emergency departments.

Altogether children aged died in Thirty-one per cent of the deaths were caused by accidents, while 63 per cent were caused by illnesses. The most common causes of death among children under the age of 15 are cancer, diseases of the nervous system and . MRSA Increasing Among Athletes.

resistant to most antibiotics and last year, seriously sickened 94, Americans. Recent deaths include five school children with school infections in the dozens. Dermatologists report MRSA infections have become increasingly common among athletes, including high school and college athletes.

Safety at home: Falls

In the report. Among children (ages 0 to 14 years), the most common types of cancer are leukemias, followed by brain and other central nervous system tumors, lymphomas, soft tissue sarcomas (of which half are rhabdomyosarcoma), neuroblastoma, and kidney tumors.

Elevator-Related Accidents While elevators are widely viewed as a safer alternative to stairs or escalators, a study published in found that they are a common site for accidents and injuries among elderly people.

Brochure on common accidents among preschoolers
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