Case 2 1 harvard cooperative society

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Case 2 1 harvard cooperative society

Alex Ferraresi Social innovation practices in the regional tourism industry: Case studies of cooperative and associative arrangements in Brazil Carlos O.

Case 2 1 harvard cooperative society

The concept of social innovation has emerged from the concern with innovative responses to social problems. This study applies the CRISES Centre de Recherche sur les Innovations Sociales framework to the analysis of social innovation in the context of arrangements and relationships that occur among the actors of cooperatives and associations that operate in the regional tourism sector in Brazil.

This case study comprised content analysis of interviews with directors of cooperatives and associations in the Northeastern region of the country, in order to identify practices, activities, relationships and forms of organization involving a variety of socioeconomic actors that contribute in innovative ways to the development of local territories and the improvement of quality of life, particularly in less developed areas.

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The main results provide evidence of relevant elements in each dimension of the CRISES framework, which tends to support the conclusion that cooperatives and associations contribute significantly — although in widely different degrees — to the process of social innovation in their respective territories and local communities.

Introduction The prevailing models of innovation and technology management are driven by the search for competitive advantage and economic returns on investment.

As Farfus and Rocha point out, such business models are unable to meet a number of pressing social demands, and this has given rise to increased interest in the development and diffusion of models and policies that are able to address social issues.

The emergence of the literature on social innovation, chiefly over the last decade, can be attributed to a growing dissatisfaction with the technological emphasis in economic innovation literature and innovation policy The Young Foundation, This dissatisfaction has led to a focus on social innovation, both at policy and research levels.

Broadly, social innovation is seen as an effort to seek viable alternatives for the future of society as a whole Bignetti,or innovative solutions to human needs Mulgan, In their perspective, social innovation can be seen as an emergent process of search for solutions to social issues, in the form of an intervention initiated by social actors to respond to an aspiration, to meet specific needs, to offer a solution or to take advantage of an opportunity for action CRISES ; Bouchard, In the context of cooperatives, social innovation may enable its members to take actions to surpass structural barriers and to disseminate a sense of solidarity within the associative process.

Hence, social innovation reflects a collective action that emerges from social concerns related to individual and collective development Miranda, The case study of social innovation was undertaken in a settlement located in the city of Maragogi, state of Alagoas, in the Northeast region of Brazil.

The case is presented in the following sections of this paper: Section 2 is an overview of the literature on social innovation and its dimensions, as well as aspects of cooperativism.

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Section 3 describes the method, Section 4 discusses the results, and Section 5 presents the conclusions of the study. Social Innovation The concept of social innovation has been discussed in the literature for several decades.

Taylor related the concept to the solution of social needs through new configurations 2 of how things are done. For Gabor apud Cloutiersocial innovations are seen as an instrument to solve problems that are largely related to territory.

Other studies emerged from the demand for policies and practices that target the needs of individuals and society. Social innovations are new solutions products, services, models, markets, processes, etc.

According to Pol and Villep. One should take into consideration not only access to these factors but also their quality. In that sense, social innovations generally arise outside the realms of corporate and academic research divisions.

The concept of social innovation has become the subject of research in several fields of social sciences.Interactive Medical Case Take It The study was approved by the institutional review board of Harvard Medical School and the board of the Framingham Heart Study. 1 denotes 0 miles, 2.

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