Children should not be forced to believe in a particular religion

Religion is a learned belief.

Children should not be forced to believe in a particular religion

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Speaking from personal experience, the answer is a resounding NO. I went through an upbringing in a devout Lutheran family. Church attendance and belief in God was mandatory, no choice was given, and it was enforced.

Unless I was sick, contagious, or hospitalized, I was expected to go. I was also raised in the whole "fear the Lord" thing, and asking innocent questions as a small child was considered the same as questioning God himself, meaning I was going to hell.

I was also raised with a family who believed in Predestination, and was told many times growing up that I was chosen by a God who "loved" me to go to hell when I died, even before I was born, and that my cousins were chosen to be saved for being boys and minister's sons.

When I got to be a teenager and old enough to understand, I began to question my faith and have a great many doubts. My family did not help me. Instead, they condemned me and insisted that I needed to just go to church and just plain believe, period.

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When I was almost ready to move out on my own, I realized that I no longer believed. I was harassed by family members at family gatherings two of which were so aggressive and nasty that I no longer speak to themcompared to rather unflattering religious figures, asked repeatedly when I was going to come back to church or if I'd found a church, and handed me offensive books about religion that showed me what their thoughts of me were.

One in particular boiled down to them suggesting that my life was crappy because God was punishing me.

Children should not be forced to believe in a particular religion

That sort of sh-t nearly destroyed me mentally and emotionally. I had more depressed moments then as a believer than I do now as a Polytheist of my own choosing. If I could have children, there's no way I would force my beliefs on them. I would expose them to different beliefs, let them learn what others believe in the world, and when they're old enough, let them decide the way I wish my family had done for me.I deliberately chose surreal names so as not to distract from the real point.

Religion is the one exception we all make to the rule: don’t label children with the opinions of their parents. Jun 15,  · a book i will read in the future related article On Children and Religion Filed on November 29th, in Religion ⋅ ⋅ Every person ever born on this planet was born an atheist.

However, if children decide on another religion, parents should be accepting and willing to learn about this new religion. After all, teenagers are about to be adults, so they will have more knowledge in order to make a more informed decision about their religion than .

Should children be forced to follow their parents' religion? 14% Say Yes 86% Say No Children shouldn't be forced into a religion. Religion is a person's right, irrespective of age. Parents should share what they believe, but not expect the child to adhere to their beliefs as well.

Children should be given options because forcing them.

Dec 17,  · I don't think parents should tell their children to believe in a religion as truth because it has no evidence and kids can think for themselves as they grow older. Religion has been insufferable when it comes to indoctrinating vulnerable people and threatening those who leave a belief system.

I am in a situation where i m forced Status: Resolved. Children should not be FORCED to have a certain religion, but it is ok for their parents to TEACH them a religion, or even just simple atheism. We have the right to follow whatever religion we want to, whether that is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, or even the absence of religion, Atheism.

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