Essay on infrastructure development in india

Free Essays on Infrastructure For a Better Infrastructural essay on infrastructure development in india Development For Sustained essay conservation water on words in Growth In India to build up the local infrastructure in the Gadoon. Biology Projects download from Allprojectreports. In some ways the impact of MNCs in India has been positive. The development project in India we might score very highly in terms of growth of physical infrastructure.

Essay on infrastructure development in india

Infrastructure facilities are of fundamental importance for growth. They require immediate huge investments and cannot be undertaken without large scale private participation. Our power sector is in bad shape and so is road-transportation.

We have failed to achieve the envisaged power-production targets in our Five Year Plans, and it is a matter of great concern. Road-development and expansion too, is not as desired to match the rapidly increasing strength of the vehicles. Shipping plays a major role in overseas trade and is a significant forex earner, but here too the scene is dismal and gloomy.

Indian railway has played a significant role in the national growth and development but much needs to be done in respect of its expansion, upgradation cost-effectiveness and maximum utilization. Telecommunication segment is also in need of urgent attention to fill the gap between demand and availability of telephone and telex services.

All these infrastructure segments and services are capital intensive and need to be further opened liberalized for private participation. Foreign direct investment FDI should also be encouraged in order to expedite the infrastructural development.

Infrastructure is of fundamental importance for industrial and agricultural growth of a nation. No country can think of development in the absence of proper infrastructure facilities.

It is a sector of top priority. Infrastructure includes power-generation, distribution, railways, transport, roads, shipping, communication, water supply, sewage disposal etc. India is in need of all these and needs them fast to sustain and further accelerate the industrial growth and development.

The financial requirement in this regard is estimated about Rs.

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In terms of additional requirements in different sectors, additional funds are needed. For example, for power sector alone Rs. For making these huge funds available, the private participation in these sectors is must.

The Rakesh Mohan Committee Report on this subject has recommended large scale privatization of infrastructure facilities and services. It has suggested creation of a transparent regulatory framework to set up foreign debt and equity finance in various sectors.

It has recommended a number of tax concessions in order to give reasonable returns to the prospective investors. In order to sustain the present 7 per cent growth it is essential that total investment in infrastructure is increased from present 5.

For example, there is power famine in the country. This sector has not kept pace with the industrial development of the country. Frequent power-failures, load-shedding, tripping of the grids etc.

The transmission and distribution losses are also as high as 20 per cent as compared to 8 per cent in the developed countries.

Essay on infrastructure development in india

It has brought the functioning of the Power Grid of India under a cloud. The total installed capacity of various regional grids is 81, MW which is quite inadequate. In the 8th Plan, the Government wanted to have a capacity addition of 30, MW, but in the first 4 years of the Plan, only 14, MW could be added and another 2, MW was likely to be added.

It means only 58 per cent addition of the overall plan target. There was an outlay of Rs.

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The Power ministry has set a target of In the first year of the Ninth Plan itself the envisaged target would be achieved is doubtful. Indian roads are also in bad shape.F or any country aspiring to excel in growth and' development, infrastructure is a vital component.

The role of infrastructure can never be discounted, as it contributes both directly and indirectly to the economy. India is growing rapidly in the world where economic growth has plummetted, it offer.

In this article we will discuss about the development of social infrastructure in India. Economic development depends on the existence of an integrated infrastructure or social overĀ­head capital which generates externalities.

This is why, since , serious attempts have been made to build heavy industries in the public sector.


In fact, one of the causes of expansion of the public sector in India has . words short essay on Infrastructure Infra-structure of an economy can often be classified into economic and social infra-structures.

In the economic infrastructure, we include: (a) Energy, (b) Transport system, (c) Communications, (d) Banking, finance and insurance, and (e) Science and technology.

India's economy has shown extraordinary growth over the past numerous years and many overseas economists predict a strong growth in the near outlook.

Infrastructure development plays a very significant role in its economic growth of a nation. Taking examples from other countries, a fast growing economy drive demand and lead to an even faster development of infrastructure.

The India government looks after the social development in India by careful infrastructure planning and handling the social issues in close coordination. India development is incomplete without social development and that would require focus on the infrastructure strategy for social research India.

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