How far was the resettlement of

While UNHCR is the primary referral agency to states for the consideration of refugees for resettlement, it is not the only organisation that makes referrals, and states may take resettlement referrals from any organisation at the discretion of the state. Resettlement is not a right, and there is no obligation on states to accept refugees for resettlement. UNHCR identifies refugees in need of resettlement as part of its mandate, but states make decisions on admissibility according to national policies and immigration regulations.

How far was the resettlement of

May 16, Excerpts from an interview in Colombo: It is nine years since the civil war ended.

How far was the resettlement of

The period has witnessed some crucial political developments, including a regime change in The current government came to power on the promise of strengthening democracy. In this post-war context, how do you see the role of the army?

The Sri Lankan army had been a traditional army, a ceremonial army, back in the s, early s. The army put in the main effort to ensure there is peace that the people aspired for, making many sacrifices. In recent history, Sri Lanka is the one and only country on the world map that has eradicated terrorism from its soil.

We are a victorious army. Once the combat is over, it is the responsibility of the army itself to understand its role and task. The last nine years were very critical to understand what happened 30 years ago. We have to find a mechanism, a commitment within the country to satisfy our own people more than the people outside.

Today, we are closer to a better solution. Democracy was restored, elections were held [in ], good governance was brought in.


In this context, we are right-sizing and building a capacity-based army. We have to give back to the people by right-sizing and ensuring that the war will not recur.

We are engaging with the people in the north and east to identify our responsibility. The 30 years of war were brutal, many lives were lost on both sides. This is a sort of testing period for us.

I believe that will be the time to take a good jump. As Chief of the Army Staff, I can say that the army is the only organisation which has the biggest capacity, be it human resource or anything else. In Sri Lanka, as in some other parts of the world, the military is highly politicised.

How are you negotiating that? In the past, extra politicisation was there. Of course, the war is an extension of politics, we do know and understand that.

But today, with the change of government inwe are proud to say that we are not under pressure. As an army commander, I am not under pressure from my Minister, the President, or the Prime Minister.

That means, politicisation of the armed forces has been curtailed or is very minimal. Inwe had [presidential] elections in a democratic way. There were a lot of allegations on the armed forces — especially the army — that they got involved in politics in January The same year, in August, we had [parliamentary] elections.

People say many members of the armed forces were voting against the government. That means there was no politicisation or pressure. We never pressured our soldiers to vote a particular way; we allowed them to vote for the person they wanted.Bethany Reunites Nearly 90 Percent of Refugee Children Separated From Families (Grand Rapids, MI - July 26, ) Bethany Christian Services has reunited nearly 90 percent of the refugee children who were placed in our care after they were separated from their families at .

POLISH RESETTLEMENT CAMPS IN ENGLAND AND WALES ISBN This book documents the experience of living in Polish resettlement camps in . Colonization After Emancipation: Lincoln and the Movement for Black Resettlement [Phillip W. Magness, Sebastian N. Page] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

History has long acknowledged that President Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, had considered other approaches to rectifying the problem of slavery during his administration.

Resettlement is a sometimes unrecognized yet compelling instrument and symbol of international solidarity and burden sharing to find a durable solution for refugees who are unable to return to their country of origin for fear of continued persecution and do not have the option to .

How far was the resettlement of

From NPR: Muslims Hope To ‘Wake Up’ At The Ballot Box This Year On a recent Saturday afternoon in an office in St. Paul, Minn., a flurry of calls went out to Native American and Latinos voters reminding them to vote Nov. 6. a. YES – case for resettlement adheres to the conditions set forth in the Framework for Durable Solutions in Zimbabwe and, as far as possible, should be supported Stakeholders may deliver appropriate humanitarian assistance based upon recommendations from the IDP Sub-cluster, needs assessments and available resources.


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