Manila metropolitan theater essay

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Manila metropolitan theater essay

This theater stood untilwhen the old theater was burnt down. It was induring the American Colonial period that the idea of constructing a theater in Manila came about. The construction began in under the supervision of the engineering firm Pedro Siochi and Company in a 8, It was inaugurated on December 10, This new theater housed different performances from zarzuelasdramas to translations of foreign classics.

He was sent to the United States to be guided by one of the experts in designing theaters, Thomas W.

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Lamb of Shreve and Lamb. During the post-war period, it was misused as a boxing arena, low-quality motel, gay bar, basketball court and as a home for squatters. Ina restoration of the theater was initiated by the then Governor of Metro Manila Imelda Marcos which was headed by Otilio, the nephew of Juan Arellano.

But sincethe theater was closed again due to decays inside the building. The structure continued to deteriorate and vandalism, political advertisements, promotional materials and trash now degrade the heritage theater.

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The theater has been protected using pieces of wood, scrap electrical wires and rundown plywood. Help continued to pour in but lacked any concrete direction. Clean-up drives were started in Decemberpaving the way for the eventual restoration of the building by Architecture[ edit ] The concept of the theater was explained by Juan Arellano during one of his interviews in January Aside from his knowledge on Filipino art was the factor of economy which both helped the architect in having a modern design approach to the theater.

The mix of modernization and romanticization resulted in A. Hartendrop labeling it as modern expressionism. This helps bring in light to the lobby. It was highlighted on both ends by the curving walls with colorful decorated tiles in resemblance with the batik patterns from Southeast Asia.

There are also moldings of zigzag and wavy lines that go with the sponged and painted multi-colored massive walls. The wall that framed the stained glass is a segmented arch with rows of small finials on the upper edge of the wall.

Located in the entrance are elaborate wrought iron gates which are patterned into leaf designs and various lines.Manila Metropolitan Theater, or simply the Met, is the largest and most famous Art Deco theater in Manila.

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Designed by the prolific Juan M. Arellano, the Met officially opened in and soon became a focal point for Manila’s high society. Like most of the rest of the city Manila Metropolitan.

The famed Manila Metropolitan Theater, also known as The Met, The Philippine National Railways operates a commuter rail service in Metro Manila called the PNR Metro South Commuter.

Its main terminal, Tutuban, is located in Tondo. The most troublesome metro line is the MRT Line 3 which has been plagued with frequent and severe disruptions.

Manila metropolitan theater essay

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It is adjacent to Davis, California, west of Sacramento, and has the third-largest enrollment in the UC System after UCLA and UC Berkeley. Help Save and Restore The Metropolitan Theater, Manila.

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Manila metropolitan theater essay

Built in , this arts theater.

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