Modern filipino heroes

The precise era of the Golden Age of Comic Books is disputed, though most agree that it was started with the launch of Superman in

Modern filipino heroes

Indeed there is nothing to celebrate about warfare; however unfortunately it has been present with mankind in his fallen nature since departing from the Garden of Eden. War was a common affair throughout the Old Testament.

This helps us in our current age understand that at certain times war is necessary to defeat evil; or in self defense. While often it is hard to tell throughout history whether a war was just or not, in the end it is truly Modern filipino heroes to the judgment of God.

Modern filipino heroes

However, regardless Catholic Modern filipino heroes have served throughout history on the battlefield to serve those who have fought wars whether from a sense of duty, or simply being caught up in the times and circumstances.

Army holding the rank of Major. The Forgotten Heroes In the U. The widespread use of Catholic chaplains did not begin until the Civil War after large populations of Catholic immigrants had changed the demographic of a previously Protestant dominated America.

Additionally, previous wars found Catholics still facing much prejudice in the military and their religious needs were not considered as much as those of Protestants. However, since the Civil War, the Catholic chaplains of the U. Frequently many were and remain true Catholic heroes but, sadly are often forgotten.

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This article while not all inclusive will re-introduce some of the many forgotten Catholic chaplains throughout American military history, and also recommend some additional references for further reading.

Father Rey administered to American troops with Last Rites and care of the wounded. He was present at the Battle of Monterey in which he earned admiration for his bravery.

Father Rey also ministered to local Mexican Catholics. He was warned by U. Army officers against this practice due to guerilla and bandit activity outside U. However, Father Rey accepted the risk nonetheless for the good of souls.

He would die doing the work of his Master in in the Mexican countryside being found dead of multiple lance pierces. A quick internet search will reveal more details and background on the life and mission of Father Rey.

Civil War fromFather William Corby became famous for his absolution of the Irish brigade at Gettysburg in as they went into battle. Shortly after this absolution many Irish soldiers would be cut down, but in the mercy of the Lord, they died with the sacramental comfort of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

This act is still commemorated by a statue of the absolution at Gettysburg National Battlefield. Father Corby later became president of Notre Dame and wrote a memoir of his three years in the Civil War which is still in print titled Memoirs of Chaplain Life: At Andersonville Union prisoners were subject to exposure at all times and seasons.

The stream that flowed through the camp was the water source and latrine. Father Whelan administered to the prisoners in the hot, disease ridden, and filthy camp where thousands would die.

Prisoners also suffered from gang violence committed by fellow prisoners. From dawn to dusk Father Whelan heard confessions, cared for the sick, and provided comfort including the Last Rites to the numerous dying. In this camp of horror, Father Whelan saved thousands of lives and souls through his zeal for charity.

The small book can sometimes be obtained at old book stores and is quite inspirational and more detailed. Father Eli Washington John Lindesmith ministered to the troops and families stationed on the lonely Western outposts.MISSION: To foster FILIPINO NATIONALISM.

"Shake the foundations." Seek knowledge/understand/think critically about roots of socioeconomic-political predicaments in our homeland; educate ourselves, expose lies/hidden truths and fight IGNORANCE of our true history.

Indiana University Press was founded in and is today recognized internationally as a leading academic publisher specializing in the humanities and social sciences. Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — When asked to give at least three names of Philippine heroes, who are the first people that come to mind?

Of course Jose Rizal is a given as the national hero. Filipino public servants serve the people wholeheartedly.

Modern filipino heroes

Who are some of these Filipino public servants? Filipinos are known for their talent in the arts and media. Their creativity is recognized not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well. Sports is a discipline where Filipinos also.

Sep 08,  · Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.

5 Filipino heroines who changed Philippine history

Colossians They are heroes. And they are Filipinos! Location and Geography. The Republic of the Philippines, a nation of 7, islands with a total area of , square miles (, square kilometers), is located on the Pacific Rim of Southeast Asia.

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