Should firearm ownership be more tightly regulated

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Should firearm ownership be more tightly regulated

Devices such as grenadesbombsexplosive missilespoison gas weapons, etc. Any firearm with a bore over 0. Many firearms with bores over 0.

Should firearm ownership be more tightly regulated

Any other weapon AOW [ edit ] Firearms meeting the definition of "any other weapon" or AOW are weapons or devices capable of being concealed on the person from which a shot can be discharged through the energy of an explosive. Many AOWs are disguised devices such as penscigarette lighters, knives, cane guns and umbrella guns.

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AOWs can be pistols and revolvers having smooth bore barrels e. While the above weapons are similar in appearance to weapons made from shotguns, they were originally manufactured in the illustrated configuration and are not modified from existing shotguns. As a result, these weapons do not fit within the definition of shotgun or weapons made from a shotgun.

The ATF Firearms Technology Branch has issued opinions that when a pistol such as an AR-type pistol under 26" in overall length is fitted with a vertical fore-grip, it is no longer "designed, made and intended to fire Such a firearm then falls only within the definition of "any other weapon" under the NFA.

Should firearm ownership be more tightly regulated

For example, the components of a silencer are considered as "silencers" by themselves and the replacement parts are regulated.

However, the repair of original parts without replacement can be done by the original manufacturer, FFL gunsmith, or by registered owner without being subjected to new registration as long as the serial number and the dimension caliber are maintained.

Increasing the length is considered as making a new silencer.

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The terms are often used interchangeably depending on the source quoted. Suppressors and machine guns are the most heavily regulated. Specifically, these parts are listed as " a combination s of parts" designed "Solely and exclusively" for use in converting a weapon into a machinegun and are a machinegun as defined in the NFA.

Owen — the then-chief of the ATF technology division defined "solely and exclusively" in all of his published and unpublished machinegun rulings with specific non-ambiguous language.

One individual cannot own or manufacture certain machine gun sear fire-control components unless he owns a registered machine gun. The M2 carbine trigger pack is such an example of a "combination of parts" that is a machine gun in and of itself.

Most of these have been registered as they were pulled from stores of surplus rifles in the early s. In some special cases, exceptions have been determined to these rules by ATF.

A semiautomatic firearm which could have a string or shoelace looped around the cocking handle of and then behind and in front of the trigger in such a way as to allow the firearm to be fired automatically is no longer considered a machinegun unless the string is attached in this manner.

For civilian possession, all machineguns must have been manufactured and registered with ATF prior to May 19, to be transferable between citizens. Only a Class-II manufacturer a FFL holder licensed to manufacture firearms or Type license that has paid a Special Occupational Tax Stamp or SOT could manufacture machineguns after that date, and they can only be sold to government, law-enforcement, and military entities.

Transfer can only be done to other SOT FFL-holders, and such FFL-holders must have a "demonstration letter" from a respective government agency to receive such machineguns. Owning both a short barrel and a legal-length rifle could be construed as intent to build an illegal, unregistered SBR.

This possibility was contested and won in the U. Supreme Court case of United States v.

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ATF lost the case, and was unable to prove that possession of a short barrel for the specific pistol configuration of a Thompson Contender is illegal. ATF later released ruling [19] to clarify the legal status of owning such conversion kits.

Thus, though common muzzle-loading hunting rifles are available in calibers over 0. Muzzle-loading cannon are similarly exempt since the law makes no distinction about the size of muzzle-loading weapons.

Thus it is legal for a civilian to build muzzle-loading rifles, pistols, cannon, and mortars with no paperwork. However, ammunition for these weapons can still be classified as destructive devices themselves, such as explosive shells. If granted, ATF acknowledges that the firearm has a legitimate sporting use and is therefore not a destructive device.

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Certain large safari rifle calibers, such as. The phrase "all NFA rules apply" is commonplace. This disclaimer is usually posted in bold print from firearm dealers holding an FFL license. Registration, purchases, taxes and transfers[ edit ] It is a common misconception [23] that an individual must have a "Class 3" license in order to own an NFA weapon.

Class 1 importer, Class 2 manufacturer-dealer or Class 3 dealer in NFA weapons, not an individual owner. There are generally three ways to own a NFA weapon: The sale and purchase of an NFA weapon is, however, taxed and regulated, as follows: Private owners wishing to purchase an NFA item must obtain approval from the ATF, pass an extensive background check to include submitting a photograph and fingerprints, fully register the firearm, receive ATF written permission before moving the firearm across state lines, and pay a tax.

O'Neill, [26] Westfall v. Miller, [27] and Steele v.Summary. Great Britain has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the world. The main law is from the late s, but it was amended to restrict gun ownership further in the latter part of the twentieth century in response to massacres that involved lawfully licensed weapons.

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other articles of interest world war 3 has begun globe and mail's loud and clear message debt bubble is about to burst the stock market.