The advantages and shortcomings of daisyworld philosophy essay


The advantages and shortcomings of daisyworld philosophy essay

The advantages and shortcomings of Daisyworld as an analogue for the real earth system. The aim of this paper is to try and establish whether Daisyworld is an appropriate model of the real earth system, to analyse the debate between academics and in turn to discern whether any part of Daisyworld and indeed Gaia hold any merit.

Daisyworld is a hypothetical model without the presence of greenhouse gases or an atmosphere. Originally consisted of two types of daises - white reflecting light and black absorbing light.

Later models introduced additional factors into the environment such as foxes, rabbits and other species. The main purpose of the Daisyworld system was to illustrate the credibility of the Gaia Hypothesis.

This proposes all organisms and their surroundings are interconnected to each other, creating a single, regulated system maintaining conditions for life. The original Daisyworld system was criticised for being both a rigid and narrow focused system. Since then Daisyworld has been reassessed, evolving into a more complex comprehensive system.

Instead of the two fixed daisy species, many additional species were introduced including herbivores and carnivores through three tropic levels. Daisyworld demonstrates a simple analogue system, explaining the basic principle of Gaia and how every process has an action or reaction couplings.

Although Daisyworld can be perceived as lacking evidential support, the daisies show symbiosis with their environment, if one species diminishes and is unable to survive with the environment changes, another species can thrive taking its place or 'niche'.

These components within the Daisyworld model can be seen in the Earth system, however Daisyworld is often dismissed as a too simplified representation of natural selection. In response to criticism, Lovelock's paper 'A numerical model of biodiversity' further expands his model by allowing the organism to mutate spontaneously.

Lovelock states that both his paper and work conducted by Tim Lenton and Stephan Hardling back this theory and this more comprehensive system goes towards explaining the relationship between biodiversity and planet regulation.

Lovelock, Furthermore within "The vanishing face of Gaia" Lovelock outlines at least ten predictions proposed preceding the inital formation of Gaia theory, of which eight of them have been confirmed or accepted.

This in turn helps support the Daisyworld model and Gaia.

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It has further been outlined within the Daisyworld model that as solar luminosity increases, daises would perish with the increasing temperature, however negative feedback dampen these perturbations. This can create issues identifying where some characteristics of an organism originated, whether it be through natural selection or something long term such as evolution.

This owes support to the claim, that the world is an interlocking system, coping with a complex interlocking system of feedback loops. This in turn can cause difficulty in isolating the original cause and effect.

Daisyworld gaia hypothesis essay

Saunders theorised that natural selection was not always the crucial factor in a species evolution. When environmental change occurs, organisms have the chance to respond or not at all.

The advantages and shortcomings of daisyworld philosophy essay

If the system reacts as expected, its a regulated system however this regulation can cease. This can cause catastrophic collapse or a shift to a new state from which recovery is possible depending on the rate of shift.Daisyworld Is A Hypothetical Model Philosophy Essay add: , / Views: Topic Selected: The advantages and shortcomings of Daisyworld as an analogue for the real earth system.

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Daisyworld gaia hypothesis essay


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Heidegger states that this is the world that Dasein inauthentically exists in everyday. He described Dasein which resides in this world as the ‘they-self: “which we distinguish from the authentic Self – that is, from the Self which has been taken hold of in its own way [eigens ergriffenen].

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