What extent is english a global language

The richness and depth of English's vocabulary sets it apart from other languages. If technical and scientific words were to be included, the total would rise to well over a million. By some estimates, the English lexicon is currently increasing by over 8, words a year, although other estimates put this as high as 15, to 20, It is estimated that aboutEnglish words are in common use, as compared toin German, and merein French.

What extent is english a global language

Through the global influence of native English speakers in cinema, music, broadcasting, science, and the Internet in recent decades, English is now the most widely learned second language in the world.

Because a working knowledge of English is required in many fields and occupations, education ministries around the world mandate the teaching of English to at least a basic level. And there are some other facts about English you might be interested in knowing. In no particular order, here are some of the numbers about English: English is the most widespread language in the world and is more widely spoken and written than any other language.

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Over million people use the English vocabulary as a mother tongue, only surpassed in numbers, but not in distribution by speakers of the many varieties of Chinese. Over million people, speak English, as a foreign language. The main language used throughout the world on the internet is English.

The media that make up the Internet are overwhelmingly American in origin, so it is no wonder that the mother tongue of the Web is English.

Four factors determine the degree to which a given language finds use on the Internet: The number of users of the language 2. The extent of its use as an official language 3. The economic power of the language and ; 4. The volume of information disseminated in that language.

The number of users of the language. The extent of its use as an official language. The economic power of the language. Today, English reigns supreme in all four respects. It is studied as a foreign language throughout the world and employed by a majority of Internet users.

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Of the member nations of the U. The easiest way to calculate the economic influence of a language may be to add up the gross domestic products GDP of all the nations where it is spoken. Therefore, in terms of the quantity of transmitted information, English is the leader by far.

After English, 26 nations in the U. Each of these three languages forms a sizable linguistic constituency on the Internet.Find U.S. Department of State programs for U.S.

10 Reasons Why English Is The World’s Language

and non-U.S. citizens wishing to participate in cultural, educational, or professional exchanges.

What extent is english a global language

Therefore Chinese could not become the Global Language. English is defined lingua franca which simply means that its and international language for those whose mother tongue is not English. It is common for people to speak English to people who are not from the same country.

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