Why should students write essays for students

September Remember the essays you had to write in high school? Topic sentence, introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, conclusion. The conclusion being, say, that Ahab in Moby Dick was a Christ-like figure.

Why should students write essays for students

Sarah Elaine Eaton, an educational leader, researcher, author, and professional speaker. The question at hand: Because writing essays teaches students the skills needed to write and argue effectively. When I saw the Twitter link for Dr. Instead I found a defence for why we should make students write essays, a defence I have some concerns about.

I attended junior and senior high school in Alberta.

why should students write essays for students

I attended university in Alberta. And I have always loved essays. Through university, I continued to love researching and forming unique, convincing arguments.

This setback did not dampen my passion, though.

September Remember the essays you had to write in high school? Topic sentence, introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, conclusion. The conclusion being, say, that Ahab in Moby Dick was a Christ-like figure. Oy. The principle purpose of the introduction is to present your position (this is also known as the "thesis" or "argument") on the issue at hand but effective introductory paragraphs are so much more than that. First of all, if you want to pay for an essay, you should know what you want to achieve. If you want a professional team to write your custom paper, then this is the place for you.

I promptly set out to create a document I entitled Essay Writing Laws. After a couple years, I made the effort to video record The Laws instead of reading through them all as a class—students were getting bored with that.

I figured if I created a video, they could chunk the reading over a weekend. No, my newfound opposition to making students write essays is not based on anything to do with the essay form itself or their purpose of persuading a target audience or the excellent skills in research and sentence construction they allows students to build.

All of these features and benefits are excellent. If you took the time to read Dr. We ask students to write papers so they can learn how to write. The topic and content areas are secondary.

Knowing how to write cogently and construct a written report that has elements like an introduction, a body and a conclusion is a useful skill to know. It is also useful to know how to construct sentences, form an argument and persuade a reader.

So, if the above quote seems to be Dr. My disagreement comes from Dr.

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Eaton continues her own article by listing several of these forms: Before teaching my students how to write an essay, I often share with them some of my own experiences. I tell them how essay writing knowledge has helped me to write a letter to my boss to justify a raise, to craft a cover letter when applying for teaching positions, and to verbally defend an extended curfew request to my parents.

Until this year, the true impact of that realization escaped me. How important can it really be? I did state that they have benefits.

For a more humorous example of this, check out the video I added to this other post. At this point, many readers may already be screaming at me through their computer screen: For an inkling, you can take a look here. First, individuals who are going to scream the statements above are focused primarily on marks.

Second, if we are going to argue that teaching an inauthentic essay format will prepare students for writing more authentic letters, reports, policies, etc.

Which would you rather your students be better practiced in: I choose the life-long skills. I find this curious. It seems that every teacher in the province knows what the diploma exam creators expect, even if those creators are not bold enough to demand it themselves.

It even seems obvious that the creators do in fact expect an essay to be written: The omission of a question in the planning section, the question seeking to know what prose form the student plans on using, speaks loud and clear.

This question is asked for the personal reflection, where students can choose any prose form including narrative, but not for the critical analysis assignment.A bibliography, by definition, is the detailed listing of the books, journals, magazines, or online sources that an author has used in researching and writing their work.

How to Write a Critical Essay. A critical essay is an analysis of a text such as a book, film, article, or painting. The goal of this type of paper is to offer a text or an interpretation of some aspect of a text or to situate the text in.

Page vii Introduction The surest way to help students overcome their discomfort with writing—in any content area—is to have them write on a regular basis about their learning.

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